Registered Express: Secure Online File Delivery Service, Verified Document Delivery, Managed File Transfer Solution, Send Large files Securely.

Secure online file delivery has never been easier! Don't hassle with large email attachments. Registered Express managed file transfer service provides the simple and secure solution to manage file transfers online.

RegEx: Fast, Secure and Simple

No more midnight runs to the dropbox or overnight delays. No more confusing FTP software. Registered Express is a 100% web based service designed to accelerate business collaboration through secure online document management and delivery. Registered Express is the convenient 24/7 solution for secure instantaneous paperless global delivery of confidential electronic files. Send and receive files without an account or setup a free account by simply filling-in and verifying some general information (name, e-mail address, and location) and access even more great features. Authorized recipients have instant access to the electronic files you RegEx to them. When a file is accessed, You are immediately notified by email and or text message, as preferences you select, that the file has been received and all your files are securely stored for up to 7 years, so future reference is a snap.

RegEx puts You in Control of all Your Digital Assets (Documents and Files).