Registered Express: Secure Online File Delivery Service, Verified Document Delivery, Managed File Transfer Solution, Send Large files Securely.

Secure online file delivery has never been easier! Don't hassle with large email attachments. Registered Express managed file transfer service provides the simple and secure solution to manage file transfers online.

Use it for FREE

Registered Express™ is a simple, web-based service for delivering documents and large files securely with notification and verification, in real time. This reliable and free service does not require any software to install, and each of your transactions is fully documented for later review, retrieval, and verification - for up to seven years.

How RegEx Works

The Registered Express (RegEx) service is a simple process:

  1. Add your recipients
  2. Upload your documents
  3. Include an email message (or SMS Text)
  4. Confirm & send

That's it! When your recipient receives their document you'll be notified in the manner you prefer (email, sms text, or both). Both parties are secure in the knowledge that the transaction is verified, documented, and stored for later review and retrieval for up to seven years.

Free is Free

RegEx offers everyone a free account. No set up fees, no annual fees, and no hassles. Get an account by simply filling-in and verifying some general information (name, e-mail address, and location) and you're ready to go. Once you have your account sending and receiving documents and large files was never easier. Your recipients need not have an account. And your recipients pay nothing to receive your (valued content) Delivery.